Experience Business Applications is a fully integrated, modular software system designed to provide companies with an easy way to manage information and ultimately their business. The system is designed for small to medium businesses who wish to have a simple solution to manage their business...

Experience Business Applications is a robust, fully integrated and scalable software solution. The system is a multi user, multi company, multi currency business application. Our application will grow when your business grows, thus ensuring continuity and ensuring you can always worry on growing your business, not managing your IT system.


The system includes the following modules:
- Nominal/General Ledger
- Sales Ledger
- Purchases Ledger
- Insurance Broking
- Stock/Inventory Management
- Job and Timesheet Tracking
- Financial Services
- Business Intelligence

In addition, the integrated modules allow you to focus on the business basics rather than doing complex systems integrations and reconciliations. Just set it up once and enjoy the Experience!


We understand that shifting to a new IT system can be a difficult decision and a daunting task. Thus we made sure to develop an easy to use system, that is user friendly and self intuitive, built around standard Microsoft products look and feel.

We assure you that your business will be up and running in no more than 10 days.